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Refund & Cancellation

The following policies apply to refunds and cancellations:

  • The entire order cost will be returned if the buyer cancels the order online before the product is dispatched.

  • The order can still be canceled online if the item requested has been shipped but not yet delivered to the buyer. The whole order amount will be returned after deducting shipping and handling expenses. THE REFUND WILL BE EXECUTED once NDR receives the originally ordered item back undamaged from the courier.

  • However, it cannot be revoked once the order has been delivered.

  • Cancellation will not be allowed if there is an option for online data download.

  • If a failed transaction or a double account realization for the same order, the total amount debited will be returned.

  • In the event of a canceled order or a failed transaction, the buyer's bank/card transaction fees are likely to be forfeited.

  • We make no assurances about the accuracy or timeliness of reimbursements to the purchaser's card or account.

  • Part cancellations will be repaid in the amount corresponding to the part cancellation.

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