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Our Services

Cloud Consulting

Now a days cloud is the place which can help you to save lot of money for you if you configured it properly If not than this the place which will eat all your savings. 


TheOpsKart team of cloud computing consultants will support you in migrating to the cloud with minimum disruption to your operations. We conduct infrastructure and architecture audit and suggest which cloud stack is suitable for your business. This results in the right cloud-first strategy that totally meets your needs and expectations.


We have professionals who already worked on all big cloud providers like AWS, GCP , Azure, IBM , Oracle , Alibaba.

Software Development

You believe you have a killer business idea that you know will become the next business leader, but you don’t know how exactly to proceed along the path. Does this sound familiar to you? If yes, then you have come to the right place. TheOpsKart will help you with your planing phase to end product deleivery,Including every phase of your development.


We put in all our efforts in channelizing how your business can thrive digitally with our website development services. In order to keep up with your expectation, all our energies are directed towards passing you a quality digital product via presenting it in the most tech-savvy, user-friendly, modish as well as dynamically charged form.


We have Experienced engineering teams for backend (PHP, .NET (C#) and Java, Python) and frontend (React, Vue.js and Angular).

DevSecOps (Development, Security & Operations)

DevSecOps implies introducing security early on – as a part of a comprehensive, agile Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) used by your organization, rather than doing so iteratively or waiting until after a release.


Your developers are busy and tasked with implementing a certain functionality out of code for your users. Security may not always be their number one priority due to limitations imposed by meeting deadlines and even developer’s own lack of security expertise.


TheOpsKart provides DevSecOps as a service and help them to build and maintain security at code level with following best practices of security norms.

Quality Assurance 

Dealing with bugs and errors can quickly push your clients away. We want to make sure that doesn’t happen. Combining manual and automated testing. 

We make sure to provide your digital products with a holistic approach to software testing that helps in ensuring functionalities work smoothly while ensuring the developed solution is bug-free. 

our team of QA engineers and tech experts will be hair-splitting each code strand to ensure we deliver the best quality product to you.


We at TheOpsKart offer quality assurance services to help you build software that is scalable, maintainable, and of high quality. With access to quality assurance testing services, you can develop digital solutions that will perform well in any environment and under any circumstances.



Tools we work with 


JavaScript, Selenium, Java

DevOps Consulting


Let’s step away from the production chaos and automate your software development life cycle together. TheOpsKart provides DevOps as a service, by monitoring projects and deploying lean development approaches for market-leading startups and huge enterprises. From the first call till the last support check we will help you find the way to your desired DevOps state.


Having worked in a variety of industries, our DevOps engineers will move you toward a structured development environment, keeping in mind the particular features of your business. Let us align your IT processes with your pace of doing business!


We have experties in


Continuous integration and delivery services

DevOps consulting services

Docker container services

Cloud managed services

Cloud Consulting
Software Development
Quality Assurance
DevOps Consulting
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